Thursday Toddler Trick – Pinterest Trend In The Making

23 02 2012

PJ is not feeling well.  After a morning at the park where we tried to infect our friends for fresh air and whatever Vitamin D could be absorbed through the cloud cover and winter coats, we came home to sit on the couch and read a few books.

Little Dude is slowly becoming more literary, often his favorite part of reading is turning the pages.  This frequently evolves into a fight over who will turn the pages and how the pages will be turned. Pretty soon instead of reading I am scolding yelling and pages are being ripped gently correcting my children and thinking how grateful they seem to have a sibling.  Following a reprimand loving reminder of behavioral expectations from me, Little Dude stalked off to do something other than destroy library books enjoy literature with his family.

A few minutes later he ran into the room with a more-or-less empty gallon jug of extra virgin olive oil (evoo) and said, “I poured it in the toilet.”

How often do you wish you could actually understand exactly what your toddler was trying to say?  How often do you wish that what you think you understood is somehow not correct?

Here is a photo of the child-proof (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha) lock he opened to get to the evoo.

And here is the empty bottle of evoo sitting on the freshly christened toilet.

The good news; our toilet water now resembles a lava lamp.  Maybe I could start a trend on Pinterest.




5 responses

23 02 2012

Oh come on, girl! Photos of the inside, PLEASE!

23 02 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

I know it is hard to believe at times, but I have standards. No photos of the inside of toilets.

24 02 2012

Be very glad the evoo went INTO the toilet and not outside of the toilet. Your son has excellent aim. I’m just saying.

24 02 2012
Captain Murdock

I’m with Claudia. If it’s going to be a pinterest inspiration, we need photos of the lava lamp! We promise not to judge, should your toilets look half as bad as mine do at the moment

26 02 2012
tamara b

Wow. I’m thinking you need to invest in actual keyed locks and wear the key around your neck. I could decorate the key all cute for you and that could be a pinterest thing too!

Love you dear.

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