Books To The Rescue… Or Not

16 03 2012

Yesterday afternoon, I had the perfect opportunity to revisit what happened in the park the day before.  PJ and I were alone, getting in the car.  We were both calm and happy.  The stage was set for a triumphant, teaching moment.

As I buckled my daughter in, I reminded her of what happened the day before.  I asked how she thought Little Dude would feel if someone said they didn’t want to play with him because he was brown.

Using “Shades of People” as a base, we talked about skin color.  Comparing our own hands we noted how we aren’t really the exact same shade either.

Then I reached for another literary reference, “How Full Is Your Bucket?” by Rath, Reckmeyer and Manning.

I explained that saying you didn’t want to play with someone because of their color was bucket dipping.

PJ said, “But Little Dude dips in my bucket.”

I said, “We all do, but we should try not to.  Sometimes I dip in your bucket and I am sorry.”

She said, “When do you dip in my bucket?”  (The fun never ends with this one.)

I came up with, “Like when I am dealing with Little Dude and you try to talk to me and I tell you you can’t talk to me right now.”

And she replied, “Yeah.  And when you tell me we can’t eat out at Olive Garden.”

Yep, just like that.

Note:  we took the child to Olive Garden ONE TIME.  We waited more than 45 minutes for our food.  It was a bit of a nightmare.  But, the girl loves Parmesan cheese and they used their little grater to put it on her noodles.  She has never gotten over it.  If we drive in the vicinity of Olive Garden she points it out.  If we talk about going out to eat, she asks to go there.  And clearly she knows that I am ruining her self-esteem by not taking her back there.




4 responses

16 03 2012

I love that you’re having these conversations and sharing them with the rest of us so that we can learn right along with you. Thanks. I mean it.

16 03 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Kim, maybe I will rename my blog, “What Not To Do When…” then each post could be another one of my daily fails that everyone else could learn to avoid!

16 03 2012

I’m with Kim – thank you for sharing these moments with us.

And after turo heard about “bucket dipping” at preschool everytime I did something he didn’t like (ie normal parenting stuff like bedtime and staying at the table during dinner) I was a “bucket dipper.”

16 03 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Sara, it is amazing how certain kids can turn this stuff around. Hopefully you took him to Olive Garden – otherwise his bucket would be empty.

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