Book Burning

21 03 2012

Today, at the library in the CHILDREN’S SECTION,  I picked up this book.

The back cover said the author won an award in 2009 for a children’s book he illustrated previously.  It also said the simple art showed interesting connections.  I was excited.

I randomly opened it.

This was the first page I saw.


Seems really weird, right?

Of course I am one of those mothers who won’t read old school fairy tales to my kids because I find them too disturbing.

Maybe I was being too sensitive.

I decided to randomly flip to another page.

Keep in mind the book cover claimed that there are interesting connections for the reader to discover.  Maybe this one teaches that amputees are mythical monsters.

This one is awesome.  Not only do you get to explain the word Corpse to your child, but you also get to explore how a corpse relates to a retiree.

This one is a particular favorite.  Let’s pretend this is the SATs…. Sad is to Orphan as Happy is to_____.  Correct answer – TWINS!!  (Not sure what would happen if twins were orphaned.)

Maybe I am just being too sensitive.

Other types of people featured included “Homeless” across the page from “Campers” – the obvious connection is they both drink cheap beer sleep outside.  You can also find “Odd Balls.”  Judging by the illustration, we hang out with lots of Odd Balls.  I appreciated the “Teenager” who was wearing a half-shirt.  The one I couldn’t bring myself to even photograph – “Fugitive” – a black man sporting broken shackles running through a jungle.

Did you know your library has a complaint form you can fill out about a book?  Either did I, but I do now.

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18 responses

21 03 2012

W… T… F…
Not only does your librarian stock it, but someone sketched it out and got it past a pitch meeting with an editor AND a publisher, and NONE of them thought these themes/images/words were problematic?
Is this the librarian who couldn’t bring herself to mention Little Dude’s skin colour when he went missing?

21 03 2012

I was thinking the exact same thing. WTF? It’s all I could come up with after picking my jaw up off the floor.

21 03 2012

I have never believed in burning books until today.

21 03 2012

Weird. Just weird. How does that even exist??

21 03 2012



21 03 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

So it worked but not with a blogger email address? I seem to be having a similar problem with blogspot sites – I have to use my google/blogger identification and not my wordpress identification. Very annoying. If they are at war I would guess WordPress would lose.

21 03 2012

We went to the Oak Park book fair where you can get old books from the public library for $1. I just grabbed stuff because Sam was in a pissy mood. We brought them home. Trucks. Trains. Dinosaurs. I even got a 1950s Paul Bunyon. Cool, right? Well, no. Because there is a story about feeding the men in the woods and how the n—– boys skate on the griddle with bacon shoes to grease it up for flap jacks. There is a characature/picture. I won’t post it…I’m sure you get the idea. ugghh.

21 03 2012

My brain went with “Holy $(*&” rather than “WTF”, but let’s not split hairs. Awards in 2009???? Try Peter Spier’s “People”… older. Some of it’s outdated, not PC, but it sure beats your current People book.


21 03 2012

What asshole thought this up? It almost seems like it’s a book for adults and is supposed to be funny, (but it’s not).

30 03 2012
Scooping it up

that was my exact thought. like, it’s a joke but not funny. terrible

21 03 2012
The Lost Planetista

This is insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 03 2012

Holy sh..ugar plum fairy! (Perhaps displayed along side a politician?) Just goes to show you to question the ‘awards’.

21 03 2012
Bridget Shaughnessy

WOW. Speechless. Disgusted. Dismayed. I HATE THIS BOOK!

21 03 2012

Yikes! This puts a whole new spin on not judging a book by its cover.

22 03 2012
Ann S.

Tacky, tasteless, more than a little frightening to a child, creepy to me, just a few of my thoughts. I’d say it would only win the award for “outstanding waste of paper and book binding materials”. Who would even find it funny?

22 03 2012

So it won an award in 2009 but what year was it written in and where was it written? I’m curious. Because this is so stinkin weird. Where oh where does this book come from?

22 03 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Okay, I have updated the original post because obviously I wasn’t clear. He won an award for a different book that he illustrated called “Seasons.” This book, “People” is newer. You can find most of this info on Amazon… if googling it makes your technophobe heart freak out – you can always ask your sons for help.

22 03 2012

Man, if you wouldn’t have had actual photos of the book, I probably would’ve thought you’d lost your mind and made it all up. That is terrible, on many levels!

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