On How It Is

12 03 2012

This is me.

And THIS is me….

But it is not like I have any choice.

After all, the rest of the world and almost everyone in it reminds me of this…

And this…

And this…

But not you.  You are wonderful.

Don’t forget to vote for me.  I am running for Ms. Mary Sunshine, Ms. Congeniality and Most Friendly.


The Ultimate Challenge

8 03 2012

Just in case this picture is not clear to you.  The item on the far right – that is a scale.  The item on the far left – a box of crack – fattening, crack – once-a-year-because-if-you-could-always-have-them-you-would-die-of-an-overdose crack.  Also known as Girl Scout Cookies.

For those of you who didn’t grow up in the U.S. or who eat healthy or some other silly thing like that here is a close-up of the box.

First off, see the young girls of many colors playing a sport together?  How healthy.  How wonderful.  I can feel the world getting better as I type.  Buying these cookies means I support these girls.  And look at them.  They are healthy.  They are playing a sport.  And I believe it is safe to assume they eat these cookies.

By eating these cookies I am making the world a better place.  And they can’t be bad for me.  Really, look at those girls.


So, every year I buy a box or six of crack cookies.  And despite promises to myself to savor them, I usually eat them in three or less sittings fairly quickly.  This year, however, I am officially on a diet.  Something I have not actually tried in more than 25 years.  But I can’t let the G. Scouts down – they are counting on me.  So this weekend I bought two boxes.  One box for the family to share which I annihilated in a couple of day.  The second box, I have big plans for.

I am going to eat one cookie, and one cookie ONLY, for the next 15 days.

If you hate blogs about food, I will probably post about something else at some point in the next two weeks, but don’t count on it.

If you like stories about a triumph of will power against over-whelming odds or you just like to see me suffer stay tuned, because this is about to get interesting.

Wordless Wednesday

7 03 2012

Completely Confused – Sorry

1 03 2012

For some reason WordPress just published multiple drafts of a post I was working on, while I was working on it.  I don’t know why.

I am sorry if you got multiple copies of poorly written and very incomplete thoughts again and again.

I do plan to actually finish the post.  And, I plan to edit it – probably poorly – but at least a little-tiny bit.

Thanks WordPress – you are sooooooo helpful.