More Thoughts On Trayvon – Equally Incoherent

4 04 2012

Is the Trayvon Martin story continuing to unfold (not as fast as it should), or are new stories being created on the back of the original story (some of which are important and some of which are silly)?  I think it is all of the above.  Regardless, I am paying attention.  Some days, I am depressingly riveted by new details about the night Trayvon was killed.  Some days, I am desperately hoping the law enforcement and judicial circus in Florida will produce a hero.  Many days, I read stories on-line while trying valiantly to avoid letting my mouse scroll down to the comment sections.  Never, ever, ever read the comment section on any story that has anything to do with race.  Not unless you have a six-pack handy and a plan to move to a different country.

Here are a few of my more recent thoughts – probably as incoherent as the first batch (which can be found here), but still itching to be put down on paper.

Geraldo Rivera and Blaming the Victim

 “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman,” adding that Martin “wore an outfit that allowed someone to respond in this irrational, overzealous way.” Later that night on The O’Reilly Factor, Rivera denied blaming Martin for his own death, but nevertheless advised young minority men to avoid dressing “like a wannabe gangster,” because “some knucklehead is gonna take you at your word and the tragedy is gonna result.”

According to Trayvon’s girlfriend who was speaking to him on the phone at the time, Trayvon put his hood up AFTER Zimmerman started following him.  Maybe a hoodie in-and-of- itself is gansta wear (news to me – and every sport team and college in the country).

I absolutely understand that someone wearing clothes that are obscuring their face does make it difficult to judge them their intentions.

Of course, we don’t shoot every devote Muslim woman in this country.

Nor do we shoot allergy sufferers,

or old people caught in the rain.

Heck, we don’t even shoot guys shoveling snow.

I dare say a snow shovel is much more deadly than a bag of skittles.

Trayvon Wasn’t Perfect 

Apparently Trayvon was caught at school with a baggie that at some point contained marijuana.  This is not something that could ever have happened to me.  HOWEVER, this is something that could have happened to at least 85% of my good friends in high school.  Where are those people today?  Lots of them are lawyers.  A few of them are doctors, others are Airline Pilots, Engineers, Stay-At-Home Mothers, Small Business Owners and “suits” working for large companies.  They are family raising, tax paying, very much alive, mainstream citizens.  True, almost all of them are white.  Regardless of color, none of them deserved to be shot dead even when they were pot-smoking, shop-lifting, back-talking, punk teenagers.  And neither did Trayvon.

People Who Work For Justice Are Using Trayvon’s Murder to Raise Awareness

Yup, lots of air time is going to those in the civil rights movement.  See, the civil rights movement didn’t actually die with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  There are thousands of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly on social justice issues everyday.  And when the general public finally sits up and takes notice, these folks seize the opportunity and try to use it to better the living condition of Americans.  You can call it exploitation, you can call it opportunistic, you can criticize all you want.  It is simply smart.

These people who you are criticizing for jumping in front of the news camera, actually try to jump in front of the news camera every day.  Media exposure is a major part of making change happen in a democratic nation.  However, most days no television camera is interested in them.  When the cameras are interested, they will be there.  They will fight for the memory of Trayvon and they will try to educate about all the other potential Trayvons that can still be saved.  They will do this today while the cameras are focused on them.  And they will do it next month when the cameras are focused on the Kardash1ans.

Trayvon’s Parents Will Build Careers From This Tragedy

Yup, they might.  Their lives might change direction completely.  At some point in time they may draw salaries from a foundation created after their son’s death.  They may go on a speaking tour.  SO WHAT?

Did you wear a “LIVESTRONG” bracelet back in 2004?  Did you object to Lance Armstrong exploiting his cancer?  Do you think he doesn’t draw a salary?  Oh, but that was HIS cancer.  What about the Susan G. Komen Foundation?  Exploitation of a relative’s death or God’s directive to make a difference in this world?  What about John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted fame?  A perfect example of a man who allowed the murder of his child to propel him into important work.

If Trayvon Martin’s family brings good into the world because of this tragedy, and if they continue to put food on their table while they do it, we should all be grateful.  As for me, if my son was murdered, well, I only hope I would be that strong.

Trayvon’s Picture

When I first started seeing the primary picture of Trayvon I couldn’t believe how young he looked.  I suspected the picture might not be brand new.  I thought about if that fact bothered me.  I decided it didn’t.  It is irrelevant.

Now I have seen pictures of Trayvon with a “grill” (ridiculous looking gold teeth which seem to be removable, much like jewelry.  I have seen no claims as to whether he was wearing them the night he was murdered.)

One thing is for sure, when I see a kid wearing gold covered teeth, I feel like shooting someone.  I just can’t decide if it should be the fool who started this trend or the dentist who actually did the work.

*The “you” in this post is the proverbial you.  I doubt it is really YOU, dear reader.




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5 04 2012


5 04 2012
The Lost Planetista

Everything you said is right on. Every word.

5 04 2012

yes, yes

5 04 2012
Bridget Shaughnessy

Roar! (in a good way.)

27 04 2012

Some very good thoughts. Thanks for putting them out there.

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