What’s Working? She Asked

13 04 2012

Claudia, who lives a Fascinating Life asked What’s Working?

And she created a link-up so all her smart readers could contribute.

She said it didn’t have to be about parenting and I thought, “Oh, I got one.”

See, I have been losing weight – without dieting.  And I thought I could write about that.  I was down 16 pounds.  I was feeling, what is that S word?  No, not skinny – self-righteous.  Yup, that is it.  But before I could put fingers to keyboard, I gained 3 pounds.

Still, Claudia’s link-ups are legendary. (Okay, not sure what would qualify as legendary in the adoption blog-o-sphere, but I say they are, so they must be.)

So when Claudia comes calling, I participate.

And I offer what I have to offer.

This time it is a poem.

A Haiku of course…





“So, what is working?”

she asks.  I open a beer

and reply, “Nothing.”







9 responses

13 04 2012
Captain Murdock

If my math is right, that still means you’re down 13 pounds. In my book, that’s def workin.

P.s. Could u go tell scooper to quit leading us on and finish her story? Apparently you have some pull with her.

13 04 2012
Ann S.

beer always works…just finished one and it worked

13 04 2012
casa bicicleta

I’m with Capt. M. 16-3 is 13 and that is still 13 pounds more….er…I mean, less than you weighed before. If you still aren’t buying it, just try thinking about it in reverse. Imagine if you had GAINED 13 pounds. You’d be pretty pissed about now, right? So, um, I think you pretty much rock.

And put down that beer. Unless it’s a lite beer. 😉

14 04 2012

You.Are.Awesome. Best fucking linky to that post.

14 04 2012

Totally awesome! Love it!

14 04 2012

I’m home for a day. Been with the boys for one week. My answer would’ve been wine.

14 04 2012

hilarious. i gotta agree with the Cap’t though, 13 lbs is incredible. *slow clap*

15 04 2012

Beer does work. Ann’s right. 13 pounds works better!

23 04 2012

So much awesome. I love your haikus!! This is the best yet.

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