Reason # 229

17 04 2012

that I love living in a University town…

… unique and FREE places to explore.

PJ is home with an ear infection today.  After a wonderful breakfast eaten with friends on the patio of our local hippie-breakfast-joint, we headed over to campus.  SAG told me about this cool little greenhouse and we stopped in.

This space featured a bunch of goldfish living in the ponds from which the plants grew.  They were not the big nasty terrifying disgusting carp Koi usually found in these places, just medium size, lovely little fish.

I believe small treasures like this exist in most communities, but they are probably easiest to find and access in a University setting.  Lucky us.




3 responses

17 04 2012

I dig our university town too!

17 04 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Yeah – the other big, block letter M. You know we are the University of Missouri, but called MU so we won’t be confused with you.

18 04 2012

I gotta leave a Rock Chalk here!! And you should visit Lawrence sometime. Beautiful campus there! 🙂

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