Thursday Toddler Trick

26 04 2012

Wait – they are both 3-years-old.  Are they pre-schoolers?  Thursday Pre-schooler Trick does not have the same ring.  Maybe they will stop doing tricks.  In the meantime…

Thursday Three -Year-Old Trick

Yesterday, they decided to jump off this bar stool that was in my office.

Then they decided it would be better if they wrapped blue painter’s tape around their waistes first.

The tape apparently serves multiple purposes including protecting the jumper if he/she is going to hit his/her head on the ceiling.

It also helps you feel safer if you are going to do something dangerous.

And, I have just been informed, it helps you catch someone else if they are doing something dangerous.

Furthermore, you can tape yourselves together and jump on the trampoline.  Which, you know, might be dangerous, if it were not for the tape.

I thought about trying to take photos, then I decided to say in my office and just listen to what would happen once they got on the trampoline.

They laughed their heads off.




3 responses

26 04 2012

Girding their loins! Peter enjoys donning the dog’s harness. Loves anything resembling a life vest. I love blue tape… makes parenting easier, but, goodness, it’s expensive.

26 04 2012

Hilarious! And so creative. Yesterday my boys fashioned a car out of a garage sale sign and milk lids for wheels. Then they tied it to a piece of yarn and tried to pull each other on the driveway. I don’t think we’re quite ready for a lesson in physics… I do so love the minds of children.

26 04 2012
casa bicicleta

I approve the choice of tape. It’s the easiest tape to remove. Smart kiddos.

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