A Cat And A Laser Pointer

29 04 2012

We had an epic garage saleing day yesterday.

By 2:30 p.m. the back of my van looked like I was on the way to the dump a thrift store instead of on my way home with a million new treasures.

In these photos alone you will see a new to us – pair of shoes, hat, sparkly skirt, backpack and baby-doll (in backpack).

The sun streaming into the bedroom bouncing off of the new skirt lit up the kids’ room in a sea of sparkles today.

Like a cat with a laser pointer, PJ was not content to stare at the enticing lights – she was determined to catch one.

Surrounded by the lights. The sparkles cover two walls and the floor in front of her.

In this picture she is honing in on a particular sparkle.

She commands the sparkle, "Stay!"

She makes her move.

Where did it go?

A new approach.

She stalks her prey.

She pounces, again.

Time for a new game.




2 responses

29 04 2012

Brilliant! In so many ways!

29 04 2012

This made my day, especially since I read it while Zinashi was waving a flashlight around for our cat to chase. I once had a little girl I was taking care of chase the laser pointer light with the cat. I thought she understood what was going on until she said, “What IS it? I can’t GET IT!” Oh, man. Kids! They’re the best!

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