“You Were Right, Dad.” I Mutter.

1 05 2012

SAG and I dated for 11 years before we got married.

We were married for 9 years, 10 months, 3 weeks and 3 days before PJ was born.

Sometime between when we got married and when I got pregnant with PJ my father said to me, “You know who would be a great father?” Pause.  “SAG.”

PJ got tap shoes at a garage sale this weekend and she loves to rub those scrappy things on the pavement.  This evening she demanded SAG put on his fishing boots dancing shoes and follow her lead.

A short intermission during which she removed a band-aid from her sweaty leg and placed it on the lens of his glasses.

The grand finale in which the interpretation of frogs turns to horse and rider and SAG crawls across the pavement.

And to my father I say, “Yup, you are right.”




13 responses

1 05 2012

That’s how aaallll the best dance performances end.


1 05 2012

Love this. SO freaking much. What a great series of photographs.

1 05 2012
Scooping it up

so so sweet. those pictures are priceless and that girl of yours has some SERIOUS spunk. The little bit I see in your posts makes me think she has a WHOLE lot of funny going on.

1 05 2012


1 05 2012

this is so dang lovely!

1 05 2012


2 05 2012

So sweet.

2 05 2012

They are both adorable.

2 05 2012
casa bicicleta

Oh. My. God. Your husband wins the “Dad of the year” award. Tap dancing in rainboots and letting you photograph him. And put it on the blog. Yup. He wins. Hands down.

2 05 2012

Was that a jig or a reel?
Seriously some of the cutest pics you’ve ever posted. And yup, your dad was right.

2 05 2012

Those are definitely not fishing boots. What a lucky girl and what an awesome dad.

2 05 2012

a whole lot of awesomeness

4 05 2012

love, love, love

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