What Goes Up…

8 05 2012

Alternative title:  About The Same Odds As The Lottery.

When the weather is right, SAG and the kids spend an hour or two in the backyard every evening.  Currently the favorite game to play is called, “Kick It To The Sky” (alternative title:  When Daddy Pulled His Hamstring.)

SAG kicks balls up in the air and the kids retrieve them.  Variations of the game exist such as kicking the ball up to the second floor deck where the kids wait to pick it up and throw it back down.

Yesterday the game hit a snag.  (I admit the kicking sequence is a re-enactment, everything else is real.)

He is an Ultimate Frisbee player, NOT a soccer player.

I am pretty sure I know how he keeps tweaking his back.

Usually the ball comes down and there is a scramble on the ground to recover it.

However, what goes up…

… sometimes wants to stay up. You could TRY to get the ball stuck on these four twigs ONE MILLION times and not succeed.

Approximately four stories high and balanced on four twigs, I guess we will just wait for the wind.




One response

9 05 2012

Quite the talent there!

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