If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

11 05 2012

Yesterday’s finger-painting session quickly evolved into a body painting session.

At first I was super annoyed, then I decided I should get a chance to participate.  After all, the two most beautiful canvas’ were dancing around in front of me.

Before I even finished, he figured out that by blowing air in and out of his belly he could make the snake slither.

I am pretty sure he was happy with the results.

Hers didn’t last as long… she bent down to look at it, and it got wiped away.

Of course both snakes wrapped around their necks.  After Little Dude wiggling because of all the neck tickling, I figured it was smarter to place hers a little lower.

Despite the paint being non-toxic, it did weird things to our skin when it dried.  And I ended up having a temporary reaction.

Still, the bathwater turned a very pretty color and the whole experience was worth it.




6 responses

11 05 2012

I’m pretty sure that activity qualifies you for Mom of the Month in the very least.

11 05 2012

Sounds like a whole lot of fun!!!

11 05 2012
The Lost Planetista

Once, as a teenager, my BFF and I painted our entire bodies with latex exterior house paint. So much fun. (toxic, I know. If/when I get a fatal diagnosis I’ll remember this day not as fondly for sure)

11 05 2012

You are crazy fun mom and I’m pretty sure you should be receiving some amazing award in the mail anyway now.

11 05 2012

What fun! Those are good looking snakes.

13 05 2012
casa bicicleta

yeah, I’m with your daughter. I’d want that snake off me right away. It looks REAL.

You need face paints. You should have buckets of that stuff in your house. BUCKETS. (insert small warning here: the black takes forever to wash off)

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