Not In My Best Interest

22 05 2012

A friend of mine is advocating for Naomi.  Naomi can not advocate for herself.  Because Naomi is 6-years-old.  And Naomi lives in an orphanage in Thailand.  And Naomi is HIV+.    My friend is holding an on-line auction.  Her goal is to raise awareness about Naomi, and to raise money, so when the right family for Naomi is found, the financial burden of adoption is reduced.

My goal is to get some cool stuff for cheap…

Okay, fine, I will be charitable….

and to raise awareness about Naomi and help her future adoptive parents, whomever they might be, bring her home... (fine, are you happy?)

The auction ends at 8 pm est, WEDNESDAY.  It features a wide variety of items – from adoption books (duh) to electric toothbrushes (if I did not just buy a new one 60 days ago, I would be all over that.)  There are items there you need anyway (iTunes cards and good coffee beans), and other items that will make your home more beautiful (art and picture frames).

So, I guess I will let you in on the action.  Maybe you will out bid me.  Just keep in mind, only 44 more shopping days until my birthday.

This is where you can find what you are looking for.



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