Sporting a Wedgie, Waiting for a Flood

2 06 2012

PJ outgrew her favorite pink overalls.  But she did NOT outgrow her desire to wear them.

On Wednesday, she donned them on a playdate and I could hardly stand to look at her.  The flood length cuffs didn’t bother me.   The fact that the torso portion of the overalls was significantly shorter than her actual torso on the other hand was driving me nuts.  How can THAT be comfortable?

So I begged her to let me turn them into a jumper.  When she agreed I thought, “Great, now I have to figure out how to sew a jumper.”

Lately, I have felt a strong need to be creative.  Unfortunately, I lack talent.  Fortunately, I have a easy-to-use sewing machine and an appreciative daughter.

Surprisingly, we are both pleased with the final product.

Prior to undergoing the knife.

The inserts are made from a valance I bought at Goodwill. I also bought the matching pillowcases and am slowly dismantling them and working that material into other projects.

Sibling rivalry determines that both kids must be in the picture.

If you like something, of course you have to compose a song while performing an interpretive dance.



12 responses

2 06 2012

Way to go, SFM! Well executed solution. Now what’s the solution for boys outgrowing their carhartts?

2 06 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

You live in Corvallis, your boys can wear Carhartt jumpers and no one will notice. It will satisfy both the farmers and the hippies.

3 06 2012

Oooo, like a utilikilt kinda look?

2 06 2012

Super cute! You are one talented lady! G has a favorite t-shirt that he will soon outgrow. Suggestions?? 😉

2 06 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

A few years ago my mother stole a ton of my animal welfare t-shirts… from shelters I had worked at over the years. Then she turned them into a quilt. The whole thing was a surprise (which tells you I had way too many t-shirts). Also, one of my good friends has a quilt that her mother made with all her favorite jeans over the years.
So, I guess put the favorite t-shirt away to be part of a quilt some day. Or, at the very least take a picture of it. (If you are not a potential hoarder like me who wants to save everything.)
You could take a picture of the favorite shirt and turn it into a t-shirt… then when he is about to grow that one, take a picture of it, and turn IT into a t-shirt…. It would be like looking in a mirror looking in a mirror. The original shirt would just get smaller and smaller. And if G was wearing it each time it would be like a time-line on a shirt.

2 06 2012
Meg B

Awesome! What you lack in talent you make up for with determination (and extra valences!) That you own and are deconstructing (extra!) valences makes me think you are pretty creative…

2 06 2012

Terribly impressed. Seriously. I would have hidden them and said they were in the wash until she was 20… which could be true considering our current laundry “situation” 🙂

3 06 2012

Good thinking! And I think you need to reevaluate the ‘lacking talent’ thing – they look great.

3 06 2012

this is awesomesauce! Love it!

3 06 2012

lacking talent? No way. those are really fabulous. love it!

3 06 2012

I love it! So cute! I’m filing this away in my bookmarks for future projects.

6 06 2012
Captain Murdock

I am now bowing to your domestic awesomeness!!!!

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