Busy Week Photo Dump

19 06 2012

A week ago today, my friend Jamie arrived in St. Louis for an animal welfare conference.  Jamie was at the hospital less than an hour after PJ was born.  And Jamie went with me to Ethiopia to meet Little Dude and bring him home.  (To read more about Jamie, click here.)

St. Louis is a solid two hour drive from our home, but I was determined to take advantage of her being close.  The animal welfare conference also provided me an opportunity to spend time with former coworkers and colleagues from around the country who work in the difficult, amazing, important field of animal welfare – saving the lives of companion animals and teaching compassion.  Add in beer, roller-coasters, a surprise visit from me nephew and a major-league baseball game and it is safe to say I had an epic week.  Not everything was captured by cameras, but here are a few of the highlights.

I made SAG take a day off of work to look at after the kids so Jamie and I could go to Six Flags mid-week. Note the empty parking lot. With just a four hour time-block we needed an efficient plan to hit every major ride and coaster. Let’s just say the lines were so short and we were so efficient that we both ended up nauseous for about 36 hours! (Tip – ALWAYS sit in the front row for Batman the Ride.)

After Six Flags and a late afternoon NAP (can I get an Amen?) I was treated to a Cardinals game with my sister’s boyfriend and my nephew – down from Chicago.
Love the sky-line beyond the outfield. Love the pageantry of big-time sporting events. Love the fact that the bottle of water cost the same price as the slice of pizza – $5.25.

This picture is really just to prove that it was in fact a baseball game. And, that I stayed awake for the entire thing despite the fact that the final score was 1 – 0. Best play of the game was made by the Sox shortstop, but the Cardinals did not show a replay of it on the giant screen… I guess because it was the opposing team. But in a boring game any terrific play should be celebrated (in my humble non-baseball-fan opinion.)

Brought my nephew home with me so he could be properly worshiped by my kids for 24 hours. (I SO loved my cousins growing up and am thrilled my kids are getting the same experience.) Paid for his first professional chair massage to make up for the kids waking him from his nap.

Headed back to St. Louis to drop nephew off, and pick Jamie up so she could spend the weekend with us. Snuck in a little sight-seeing. Here is an artsy photo of the arch taken with my phone… I bet Anse1 Adams would have used his phone for photos if he had the chance.

Technically the Arch is a national park. I bet most Americans can recognize the Arch but few can tell you much about it. After spending a couple hours there, including getting in a LITTLE TINY POD and going to the top, I still can’t tell you much about it. However, if you had a really good lens you could probably see the seats I sat in at the baseball game.

This photo serves to prove that I was actually there… see me in the shadow?

Jamie came to our house for the weekend. We did some sight-seeing, but she didn’t post those pics on FB, so I couldn’t steal them for this post. We also just hung out – lots. Here is how the kids looked after their mani-pedis.

I am starting to think seriously about adding a big dog to our family. Since Jamie was here it was a perfect excuse to visit our local shelter and a dog adoption event. Check out this kitty’s name! Naming animals at shelters gets exhausting…. apparently the staff decided to go for the obvious-yet-creative when it came to naming this chunk of love.

We attended a birthday party. The birthday girl became a little overwhelmed at one point and I somehow became a leader in ring-around-the-rosie.

My preferred activity at birthday parties.

Yesterday we had to take Jamie to the airport. Since the kids were going to spend four hours in the car, we decided to squeeze in a brief visit to the zoo.

I dressed both the kids in orange on purpose so they would be easier to find in a crowd. I had also picked out on orange shirt. It wasn’t an intentional choice, and it felt a little cheesy, but I decided it would also help the kids find me if necessary. Then Jamie got dressed in AN ORANGE SHIRT. We ended up looking like a very cute same-sex couple with darling children wandering around the zoo (if I do say so myself).

I love how he is looking at her. Also, the grass was a big symbol in our adoption and while he doesn’t know that, I see it in this picture. I think of Jamie and her husband Trent as potential guardians to my kids… and grass as an Ethiopian symbol of promise and covenant means a lot to me (it means nothing to Little Dude – but I am all about projecting.)

Lately Little Dude has been processing adoption STUFF. I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to Jamie. He knows that she came with me to Ethiopia, but he has only met her once since then on a whirlwind visit we made to Oregon 18 months ago.
I happened to snap this picture right as Little Dude reached for Jamie’s hand.

This is a photo of Somali Wild Asses. The older I get the more immature I become. Honestly, they couldn’t come up with a better name for these animals?

Last, and absolutely least, I leave you with this photo. When taking pics of a giraffe using your telephoto to get a close up of his/her face is pretty ridiculous. This is the most out-of-context, poorly composed picture. Anse1 Adams, eat your heart out.




5 responses

19 06 2012
casa bicicleta

Hey. I’m moving to the midwest. They don’t serve alcohol at kid’s birthday parties where I live. I feel cheated.

I love the pic of the arch but I would not like to go up inside it. How does that thing not tip over?

Wild asses. snort snort. I’m with you. That’s funny.

19 06 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

If it is a kid’s birthday PARTY it should have libations. No libations = church. The invitation should be specific. “Our kids turns six today, please come over and we can pretend we are in church”.

19 06 2012

I love your crazy brain. Thanks for letting us visit.
(and PS: I would rather hang out with you than Ansel1 Adams. And not just because he’s dead).

19 06 2012

*sigh* I love St. Louis. I’m so glad you got to enjoy a great visit with a great friend. Cheers!

19 06 2012

It was so much fun to see you guys! Next time I visit, I vote for not summertime. Really, who would live in Missouri when somewhere like Oregon exists? I enjoyed a very unhumid 65 degree day here today.

Hopefully it’s not another 18 months until I see you again!

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