August 18th – Can’t Wait

23 07 2012

National Bad Poetry Day is August 18th.  But I can’t wait.  Here is the bad poetry I promised.  I made it italic so it would seem more artsy.

Wanna Be Buddhist Meets Wanna Be Poet

When I was a kid

We had invisible shields

Erecting one now


Drama can’t touch me

Peace and harmony will reign

I control my world


But we are all one

I cannot deflect your moods

Better strategy?


The pain you create

Flows through me, but keeps moving

My soul is still mine


My cats’ happy purrs

My kids’ giggles and laughter

My husband’s true smile


These things penetrate

I cannot hold them either

Grasping does not work


Breathing in and out

Observing without judgment

Finding peace within

I took this photo a few years ago in Scotland. I should call it an “image” and give it an artsy name to go with my poetry.




5 responses

23 07 2012

You inspire, friend.
Can we create a link up?
Poetry abounds.

24 07 2012

“Grasping does not work.” I needed to hear this today. I love your brilliant mind.

24 07 2012

Simple and so peaceful.

29 07 2012
Bridget Shaughnessy


4 08 2012


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