Shanti This

30 07 2012

Dear Fellow Yoga Classmate,

I don’t know if you noticed but this class is pretty crowded.

I have moved my mat closer to yours in order to make room for the people who are still filing in.  I can see that you are not inclined to move your mat over, despite having plenty of space on your other side.  I think it is because you have already “dropped in.”  You have gone deep within yourself.  And, really, isn’t that the point of yoga?

Well, here is the thing.  In yoga, the you-that-is-you, is also me.  By dropping into you, you do not get to be oblivious to me.  After all, I really am just you.

I would appreciate it if the you-that-is-you, would acknowledge the you-that-is-me by sliding your mat over just a little tiny bit.  That way the me-that-is-you does not have to continuously adjust every single thing I do for the entire class to accommodate the you-that-is-you.

I would like to spend this class getting over the fact that the you-that-is-you is so, well, you like.  If the you-that-is-you would scooch over now, it would help me reach a much more zen like frame of mind.  I could, in fact, forget all about the-you-that-is-you even if the-you-that-is-you is also me.  In reality, you are the part of me that I am most trying to forget.

You are the part of me that got here early, found my favorite place in the room then perched upon it as if I not only won the prize but was clearly the most deserving of the prize.  Nothing, and I mean, NOTHING will get in the way of the me-that-is-you reaching my peaceful place this hour, even if it means making a whole roomful of others (or should I say the me-that-is-others?) completely uncomfortable.

The 15 square feet of prime yoga-class real-estate that you are clinging to means nothing compared to the 46 feet on the end of the legs of the you-that-is-others who are sharing this space with you today.

Namaste, bitch.


The you-that-is-me and sitting 8 inches to your right.




6 responses

30 07 2012

I actually AM laughing out loud. Thank you. The dropped in people of the world are one of my pet peeves.

30 07 2012
Casa Bicicleta

Oh my God. I used to hate this about yoga class. I used to get there early so I could get to the corner in the back. The one farthest from the mirrors and blocked on two sides from other people. Seriously. If I could do yoga, in a class, but in a bubble, I would be totally happy.

Namaste to you too.

30 07 2012

Is it perhaps all an elaborate test? To see if you can let it go?

31 07 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Are you suggesting the me-that-is-me holds some level of personal responsibility for how much I let this situation bother me and whether I am able to drop in?
That makes the me-that-is-me slightly uncomfortable, and therefore resentful of the you-that-is-me.

30 07 2012
Scooping it up

I love Kyra’s comment. I am the snot who if there is no room, just goes and puts my mat the front right next to the instructor because I am not good at letting go and sometimes forget that yoga is not a competition to see who can hold balances the longest. Don’t tell the teacher that I am TOTALLY missing the point.

31 07 2012

The me-that-is-not-you is having a righteous chuckle.

The only time I did organized yoga was in a tiny, mottled granola store in east-dumpy-side Oklahoma town, where the instructor needed hours to get his certification or whatever so it was free. I could not stop staring at his groin area, so hideously did it protrude from his skin tight shorts, and I swear to God I did NOT want to look at that horrible bulge that threatened the integrity of my eyesight even… talk about distraction from falling into a think-of-nothing frame of mind.

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