Having It All

6 08 2012

Good luck to the first person who tells my daughter she can’t have it all.



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6 08 2012

hopefully workplaces will be more flexible in 15-20 years and PJ CAN bring her baby to work while wheeling and dealing on both the cell phone and land line. No, wait, we’ll be teleporting and driving in hovercrafts by then.

6 08 2012
Julie Corby


6 08 2012

Bet she’s seen a certain someone do just that:)

6 08 2012

LOVE it!

6 08 2012


7 08 2012

I need an office assistant. Can you loan her to me?

7 08 2012
Casa Bicicleta

I think the CEO of a certain dot com company might want to hire her about now. I’m just sayin…….

7 08 2012

Haha! SO sweet!

7 08 2012

I don’t know how to private message you, but I am Katie (Lynn B’s friend) who won the canvas print from your drawing. We just got some great one year old pictures of our daughter and I would love to use one for the canvas, but haven’t heard anything from you/the company (I am not sure which one I should be looking for). Could you please email me? Katie.e.Waugh@gmail.com
Thank you! And keep up the fantastic blogging, I love checking in on the Semi-Feral Mama 🙂

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