Not Writing, Again

16 08 2012

I miss writing.

And yet I can’t seem to get started again.

I struggled with a couple posts that felt important to me.  (When they would not come together I started prioritizing some other things.  Man, my house looks much better than it has in months.)

Feeling ambivalent, but missing this place, I wanted to come back.

Then I read this post by my friend Katie at Canary In The Coal Mine (reading crap so you don’t have to).  Katie’s blog is as niche as niche can be.  She blogs about ebooks that are less than $2.99.  I don’t have an e-reader and I don’t generally read romance.  So this blog should be of NO interest to me.  And yet Katie is such a phenomenal writer that I have to read it.  And when I read it I think I should throw away my keyboard.

Still, I was trying to make my way back to the computer when I read this at Because The Heart Is Full To Bursting

I will forgive you if you don’t read Katie’s piece – you may not have an e-reader or like cheap romance novels.  But I will hold a grudge if you don’t read S’s piece at Because….  It is very short and very moving.  And I bet she never uses the word very, let alone twice in the same sentence.  And I bet she would automatically know if that last sentence needed the comma or not.  And even though it is technically permissible to start a sentence with the word and I bet she never does it because it is preferable not to.

Those two fine ladies with their amazing writing skills have shamed me into silence.  AND yet, here I am.  Because all of a sudden I feel I have about four posts that must see the light of day.

So I am taking a minute to thank you.  Thank you for continuing to come here even though I don’t have Katie or S’s skills.  Thank you for returning even when I go missing for weeks.  Thank you for reading even though many of you are unable to comment because of the randomness that is WordPress.

Thank you for listening.



7 responses

16 08 2012

DON’T be shamed into silence–you are a wonderful writer–and don’t forget that the whole reason I started Canary in the Coal Mine was to write something–anything–after not writing AT ALL for YEARS. You were one of the people who inspired me to start a blog, to claim a voice and own it, even if it’s not the voice I thought I’d have (or the content I thought I’d write) when I finally started writing again. I’m frustrated, too. I haven’t written a poem in at least four years, which makes me sad and more than a little sick to think about. But your blog reminds me that even if we’re not writing what we imagined we would, we can still write, we SHOULD still write, and better, we can have fun while doing it. Thank YOU.

16 08 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

That is not entirely true. As I recall you submitted a Haiku to my contest last winter. Bad poetry day is THIS SATURDAY, write something crappy and name it in my honor.

16 08 2012
Julie Corby

I love your writing. Just ignore your kids today and spit those posts out!!

16 08 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Spit… ha, ha, ha…. As long as I don’t get suspended?!
I am honored you would say that as I love your writing.

16 08 2012

I’m addicted to the blog. It could be because of your great hair, hunky hubby, or fabulously adorable kids. But it could also because of the insightful and precise writing. You get to the point. Its not flowery prose but its not meant to be. Its real. Its truthful. Its honest and unashamed. Its a MOM writing about issues that count. And that’s why I come back day after day and will year after year.

16 08 2012

I’m always happy when a new post from you pops up in my blog roll/reader thing. Looking forward to reading what’s been spinning around in your head.

16 08 2012

I can relate to not wanting to write because I’m not a great writer. But then I remember that that’s not the point of my blog – I just want to remember, and if it helps someone else in a similar situation, then great. Though I would disagree that you are not a good writer. Your blog is one of my favorites.

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