There Is Beauty In The World

26 08 2012

So, by the time these three Mama’s got their acts together, two kids were already napping.  Of course, if they were my kids they would have still been in the living room ARGUING about having to take a nap.  But they were Captain Murdock’s two littlest – so they went to bed without a fuss.  Which means they are missing from the group photo.  (Another justification for my inconsistent parenting and children with naughty habits.)

While two beautiful faces are missing, I still felt the need to publish this photo.

That’s right, it is Tamara (Journey 4 Hope and Tamara B), Captain Murdock (God Will Add) and me with some children we have picked up along the way.

I think when you look at this picture you should listen to this song.

(PS  I don’t want these women to think they are influencing this agnostic, but the song, well, it actually mentions God.)




9 responses

26 08 2012
tamara b

SMF, you so had it together! It was great seeing your family and your kids did so well. I didn’t see Little Dude climb on and break anything 🙂 So glad to be with you ladies and all our kids!

27 08 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

You also barely saw SAG the whole time we were there because he was following Little Dude around to try to ensure that he didn’t climb and break anything.

26 08 2012
Scooping it up

did you notice the lyrics “shake your booty boys and girls, for the beauty in the world” now THAT could be entered into your bad poetry contest. 😉 What a great picture. Fun!

27 08 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Yes, that is a super cheesy line. But my Zumba instructor plays this song as a cool down, so it is sort of appropriate. Either way, LOVE Macy Gray.

26 08 2012
Julie Corby

That’s a hearth or cuteness! (Is that how you spell ‘hearth’???”

26 08 2012
Julie Corby

of cuteness. 🙂

27 08 2012
Jamey from Zehlahlum Family

Awesome picture.

28 08 2012

LOVE all of those faces.

30 08 2012

i need to be there

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