Wordless Wednesday

29 08 2012

You knew it was coming and YOU looked anyway.

What is with the layer of white bread underneath?




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29 08 2012

EW! How on Earth is anyone supposed to lose weight eating white bread and frankenmeats? What was wrong with slow-cooked sauerkraut, onions and pork? Staple meal of Eastern European grannies who live to 98, no W0nderbread required.
Is the whole point that these recipes are so horrid and fiddly (crown roast of hotdogs!?) that you’re sick of them before they hit the table so you don’t want to eat?

29 08 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

That is exactly how I felt about the last one… spinach omelet – YUM, spinach, eggs and who knows what else in a jello mold – horrifying.

29 08 2012

Excellent, you have just deterred me from having a post workout snack. Bleeeeeck. These are effective for weight loss alright!

29 08 2012

Ummm… it is the crust of your pie. I feel that using a wonder bread crust might detract from the classiness of this recipe. Just saying…

29 08 2012
The Lost Planetista

The Weight Watchers staff clearly had a frankfurter fetish.

29 08 2012

I think I figured out how to comment on your blog again. if THAT’S not worth a frankenfurter pie, I don’t know what is.

4 09 2012

I found this and thought of you immediately… glad to be associated with horrible recipes? My favorites are the avocado meatza and the California Waldorf Salad…

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