Thursday Toddler Trick

13 09 2012

When I went to see what all the screaming was about, he told me it was all PJ’s fault.




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13 09 2012
Captain Murdock

Are you kidding me? Will these boys of ours ever be safe??? 🙂

p.s. Remember how you were just telling me that the only “safe” place to hide things from LD was half of the top of your fridge. What did you have in the “safe” spot that he wanted so bad?

13 09 2012
Captain Murdock

p.s. I also LOVE how you stopped to take a picture before rescuing him 🙂

13 09 2012

Hahaha! Yes, thanks for the photographic evidence. Word would not have done this justice.

13 09 2012

I LOVE this, you must be SO proud…I know I would be! Bright, and strong!

13 09 2012


14 09 2012
Casa Bicicleta

Hahahahahaha! That rivals my pic of BG in the dryer. And no, it’s not a gas dryer, if that makes a difference.

14 09 2012

Well, PJ clearly tossed him up there. Geez mom!!

This is all too funny!!

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