16 09 2012

I have come to realize that the longest lines at any event we go to are at the face painting booths.  Sure, sometimes you can find a short line if there are LOTS of face painting booths at the same event.  Maybe you can drop a couple dollars in the jar at a not-for-profit or church booth and your kid will get a small flower on his or her cheek.  But usually, in our town, where there seems to be a bit of a face-painting monopoly, you have to wait in a very long line – often well over an hour – to get a beautiful design – but it is going to cost you $5 a piece.  And really, it just isn’t worth it.

Yesterday, we were at a Heritage Festival and between the men in coonskin caps, the traditional frontier toy making booths and the covered wagons, there was, of course, face-painting.  (Remember the face-painting episode on Little H0use 0n the Prairie?)  The lines were just too long and I really wanted to spend my cash on kettle corn.  So I promised the kids that if we skipped face-painting with only minimal amounts of no complaining, I would go to the store and buy supplies and paint their faces myself.  The wonderful thing about pre-schoolers is that they believe with all of their hearts that their parents can do anything and everything well.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….

I was hoping for a kit with some stencils or directions but H0bby L0bby failed me again.  So in the end, it was just me, a bunch of brushes and some paints.  I guess a kit would not have been that helpful since Little Dude wanted “an apple tree with red and yellow apples.”  Yeah, I don’t think that is in many face-painting manuals.

So, I free-styled.

Sometimes it pays to be both cheap and impatient.




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16 09 2012

Gobez! Excellent stuff. You got kettle corn; the kids got reassurance that indeed, mommy can do face painting magic. Love it.

16 09 2012
The Lost Planetista

Those are amazing. Really. You might want to think about opening your own face painting booth- I have an acquaintance who own several face painting booths, hires out face painters, and is RIDICULOUSLY SUCCESSFUL. For real. She makes A LOT OF MONEY. A LOT.

16 09 2012


16 09 2012

p.s. I thought was going to be about yoga mat carriers.

17 09 2012
Casa Bicicleta

You have tapped into one of my hidden talents. Did you know I do face painting? If you beg appropriately, I will paint up my daughter and post pics. But you must beg.

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