Never Would Have Guessed

20 10 2012

SAG is outside raking leaves.

The ponies are playing.

Under the direction of their trainer/mother.

Little Dude is driving.

And it is my favorite time of year.

I am inside, picking up the playroom.

Trying to get it clean enough to vacuum.

Went outside to document this domestic bliss.

Little Dude asked me what I was doing.

I told him I was getting ready to vacuum.

Just like that, I had some help.

In a million years I would not have told you, this is the type of morning that could bring me satisfaction.

Life is surprising.




3 responses

20 10 2012

It sounds great to me!

20 10 2012

That sounds like domestic bliss to me.
I just said to my husband today, ‘this isn’t how I thought it would feel to be married with two kids’. I have no idea what I thought it *would* be like, but when you build it up around you, choice by choice, how can it not feel like tailor-made perfection?

24 10 2012

Love it! Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?

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