The 7 Days of Halloween – Day 6

30 10 2012

I think Halloween is now as prolonged as Christmas, but Christmas has way better music.

No matter how many events we skip, there are still a million events we are attending.

I know I sound bitter, actually I am grateful.  I am happy to have friends to hang out with.  I feel lucky to have children healthy enough in all ways to partake in the madness.  In general, they both roll with these types of activities quite well.  I am the one who gets a little nutty.

I feel guilty about all the junk they will eat.  I feel guilty about all their sweets that I will steal and eat myself.  I worry about the child, slave-labor that produced almost every delicious and bad-for-us candy bar.  And I really worry about the message of taking candy from strangers.

Recently we watched a program about stranger danger.  I asked the kids, “What do you SAY if someone you don’t know offers you candy?”

“PLEASE,” shouted Little Dude.  At least he is polite.

PJ said, “Yell ‘No’ and run away.”

I guess I get a 50%.  Do they grade Motherhood on a curve?  For his safety, I am thinking of having them permanently handcuffed together.

Still, we are nearing the end of the “Halloween Season.”  (Let’s all just admit it is no longer a holiDAY.  Let’s accept it is a season and hope someone starts writing some better Halloween music.)

Only one more day to go, which means the only things to get through wonderful opportunities to make memories include a school party, a party at a friends and trick-or-treating.

Give me strength.




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