Thursday Toddler Trick

1 11 2012

Sometimes, when I am working in my office, adjacent to the playroom, Little Dude wants to do something naughty and not get caught.  So he closes my door very quietly and builds a barrier so I can’t come out and catch him.

Two problems, (for him)

…despite being strong, he doesn’t have a good understanding of building materials.  His creativity is awesome but six small throw pillows, an empty peanut butter jar, an empty Parmesan cheese canister, an empty plastic container that held pretzels, a candle and an old, rubber frisbee, won’t slow me down, much.


… the door opens IN.




3 responses

1 11 2012
Casa Bicicleta

I don’t know, that frisbee would totally trip me up.

1 11 2012

That is hilarious! I love the whole thought process going on here. My son is fond of tip toeing into a room for mischief while I am busy, then slamming the door and roaring with laughter.

1 11 2012
Captain Murdock

Man, I love that kid!!!!

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