My Presents For Me

20 11 2012

I made a list of presents I plan to give myself this holiday season.

It might be the most over-used adage in the mommy blog–o-sphere, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your family.  So these are presents for ME, but they will probably be gifts to the whole family.

1)  Four appointments with a Personal Trainer between TDay and New Years.

  • I actually have about nine appointments pre-paid from last winter.  But I broke up with my trainer after three visits and haven’t been able to get back on that horse. (How is that for mixed metaphors – apparently my trainer was both my significant other and a barnyard animal?)

2)  Send money, a letter and pictures to a “Searcher.”

  • Last year at this time, I was given the name of a man in Ethiopia used by a few of my friends.  He has aided them for years.  I contacted him.  He got back to me promptly.  I froze.  I am afraid to open this door.  But I know better than to leave it shut.

3)  Find an Attachment Specialist Councilor and meet with this person face-to-face.

  • Yes, we have been so, so, so lucky in the attachment department.  But it is time to take a hard look at some of our unhealthy family dynamics.  I think the attachment lens will work best to get a clear picture of the correct path for moving forward.

4)  Kick the Diet Coke habit.

  • I promised I would give this gift to myself for my birthday.  Then lots of things shifted in our extended families and I needed my number one crutch to get through the day.  Time to kick aspartame to the curb.  I feel it is melting my brain.

5)  Eat Raw Foods

  • I think I can handle this one day a week, every week, for the first three weeks of December.  Is Diet Coke considered raw?

6)  Organize MY closet.

  • Moved into this house 16 months and 2 weeks ago.  Still haven’t organized MY closet.

7)  Read at least HALF of Karyn Purvis’ book and HALF of Patti Cogan’s book.

  • I own the damn things, might as well read them.



9 responses

20 11 2012

I love your last goal, especially. Nothing like keeping it real.

I think these are all really good ideas. Except for the diet coke one. I’m stuck on sprite zero at the moment and I do NOT want you setting me a good example of giving up aspartame.

20 11 2012

I own those books, too. They are in mint condition.

20 11 2012
The Lost Planetista

Yay for kicking aspartame’s ass. That stuff is evil. For raw, you might really enjoy doing green smoothies. The kids might like it, too.

20 11 2012
Casa Bicicleta

COME ON! Patty Cogan is GOD. You must read her book.
#1 is bogus. You have two personal trainers who follow you around and kick your ass all day. hahahahahah

20 11 2012

You make me laugh alot. Which is a beautiful thing. Thank you.

20 11 2012

Go you! Aspartame – hit the road. Evil stuff. You can do it. I still have to read the Cogan book, but I should re-read the Purvis one at least annually.

21 11 2012
Sarah Deem

I love this list.

6 12 2012

I’m on my 2nd go-round with Purvis. Ready to start implementing, whatever the hell that means. Good luck with the Diet Coke. I’ve definitely limited my intake….less than once a week. I suppose I should say goodbye forever.

12 12 2012
tamara b

SMF with no diet coke in your hand? then what will we drink next time we get together? A glass of wine?

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