Shaking Out My Keyboard

1 05 2013

I literally just shook out my keyboard.

It was disgusting.

It also made me want to get an “everything” bagel, because that is what all the crumbs and dust reminded me of.

And I just ended that sentence with a preposition.

So maybe I am not as ready to come back to writing as I thought.

But I got some things to say.

And I hope they are more profound than, “Hey, all, you all, shut the hell up.”

Only time will tell.

As for today….

It is the anniversary of the day after the day I met Little Dude.  Does Hallmark have a card for that?

It is the anniversary of the day I took this picture.

who me

(In case you were late to this party, two years ago on the one year anniversary of traveling,  I published my entire Ethiopian Travel Journal.  You can access it through the travel journal tab at the top of this post.)


Three Weeks To A New Habit

7 01 2013

They say it takes three weeks to form a new habit.  According to WordPress, it has been three weeks since I posted on my blog (and that was just a Wordless Wednesday).  So, have I officially formed a new habit of not-blogging?

How much have I not-blogged?  So much that thinking about my blog is making me feel guilty.  So much that when I want to visit other people’s blogs, I do not come to my blog first so that I can jump to them through my blog roll.  I have been avoiding my blog, like a friendship I am trying to end.  Like an ex-boyfriend who is standing in the corner at a party… I don’t even want to look its way.

Another friend has also been avoiding her blog.  Apparently many of her readers care.  Apparently many of her readers sent her emails, asked if she was okay, asked if she was coming back.  I guess my blog is the proverbial tree in the forest… it fell and no one heard a sound.  Did it make a sound?

Furthermore, I don’t even know if I want to come back here.  I made some mistakes with my blog and people I know in real life.  Recently I gave the address to a few people I probably shouldn’t have.  People who have met my kids.  People I don’t know well.  Also, I wanted to write about some things here that I couldn’t because of other people that I know who read this blog (If you think I am talking about you, you are probably wrong… in the words of Carly Simon “Your So Vain.”)

So, what’s a girl to do?

I have a friend who has a “successful” blog.  She blogs fairly infrequently but she is always getting swag, not to mention amazing trips because of her online presence.  Last summer, she got to go to Colorado on a yoga and wine drinking retreat.  She doesn’t really like/do yoga.  Although she does like/do wine.  I am jealous.  Maybe I need to get one of those kinds of blogs.   But I think I would want to start over.  I think I would be more concerned about privacy.

Do you read blogs that don’t include photos?  I usually don’t.  I like photography.  But I think if I wanted to have a blog big enough to warrant swag I would be more concerned about privacy.

I joined a FB group for bloggers in my state.  Most of the bloggers on there are making money or at least getting lots of freebies because of their blogs.  I checked out some of their writing.  It sucked.  Really.  Not only were their blogs boring, they were poorly written.  Poorly written and NOT funny, a combination that I find unacceptable.

Also, even though I rarely edit anything I write, blogging still takes time.  Time that might be better spend reading or exercising or hanging out with my family.

So, this is an entire post about blogging.  I think one of the first posts I ever wrote was similar…. 02025 (hey, look, my dog just added to my blog.  I can’t delete that.  I think he is trying to send someone a message.)

And, I am pretty sure if I read this post back it will seem like I have been drinking… but I haven’t.  And either has my dog.

Again, I am left with the question… what’s a girl to do?

Do I have anything worth saying?  How much will I miss this community that I imagine exists here?  Where can I publish my bad Haiku?

If I do decide to shut this down, I have an idea for what I think could be a commercially successful blog.  It came to me yesterday at the gym… Sweat Stain Rorschach Test.  I can think of a million businesses who might want to sponsor that bad boy.  So, if you don’t see me around here for awhile, you’ll know where to find me.  You can probably google it.   On the other hand, you might not want to.  I thought about googling it just to see if it already exists.  But I was afraid.  Anyone brave enough to google that, go for it, and get back to me.

Excuse = Confession = Maybe You Will Also Find This Funny

17 08 2012

This is supposed to be a series about what I’ve been reading.  However, I have to interrupt my little series because I can’t stop laughing.

I feel the need to confess, in addition to reading, I do a little watching…. That is TV, Baby.  And while I am not proud of it, sometimes I just have to share.

This guy….

is clearly

this guy

While I noticed that weeks ago, as did probably everyone who watches Pr0ject Runway, it just didn’t seem like enough to base a blog post on.  But, as we learned last night, at least he is not a “one way monkey,” um, er “one trick pony.”

I know it is not nice to make fun of people who utter mixed up idioms, especially if English is their second language.

So, I am choosing to think that I am laughing with Dmitry, not at him.

Up until last night the funniest idiom mix up I had heard was when I tried to explain the concept of “Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians” to our friend Jean-Michele.  He was confused… but mostly because he thought I was saying, “Too many Sheep, not enough Indians.”

For the rest of the day I will try to keep my One Way Monkey in check while making sure the Sheep to Indian ratio is appropriate.

Not Writing, Again

16 08 2012

I miss writing.

And yet I can’t seem to get started again.

I struggled with a couple posts that felt important to me.  (When they would not come together I started prioritizing some other things.  Man, my house looks much better than it has in months.)

Feeling ambivalent, but missing this place, I wanted to come back.

Then I read this post by my friend Katie at Canary In The Coal Mine (reading crap so you don’t have to).  Katie’s blog is as niche as niche can be.  She blogs about ebooks that are less than $2.99.  I don’t have an e-reader and I don’t generally read romance.  So this blog should be of NO interest to me.  And yet Katie is such a phenomenal writer that I have to read it.  And when I read it I think I should throw away my keyboard.

Still, I was trying to make my way back to the computer when I read this at Because The Heart Is Full To Bursting

I will forgive you if you don’t read Katie’s piece – you may not have an e-reader or like cheap romance novels.  But I will hold a grudge if you don’t read S’s piece at Because….  It is very short and very moving.  And I bet she never uses the word very, let alone twice in the same sentence.  And I bet she would automatically know if that last sentence needed the comma or not.  And even though it is technically permissible to start a sentence with the word and I bet she never does it because it is preferable not to.

Those two fine ladies with their amazing writing skills have shamed me into silence.  AND yet, here I am.  Because all of a sudden I feel I have about four posts that must see the light of day.

So I am taking a minute to thank you.  Thank you for continuing to come here even though I don’t have Katie or S’s skills.  Thank you for returning even when I go missing for weeks.  Thank you for reading even though many of you are unable to comment because of the randomness that is WordPress.

Thank you for listening.

Completely Confused – Sorry

1 03 2012

For some reason WordPress just published multiple drafts of a post I was working on, while I was working on it.  I don’t know why.

I am sorry if you got multiple copies of poorly written and very incomplete thoughts again and again.

I do plan to actually finish the post.  And, I plan to edit it – probably poorly – but at least a little-tiny bit.

Thanks WordPress – you are sooooooo helpful.



And The (Liebster) Award Goes To…

26 02 2012

I bet that is one of the most over used blog titles ever.  And I’m not really into movies.  And I am not sure I actually won something but here goes…

My friend, Mel, who was in my first Adoptive Parent training class, has an awesome – if often under used – ahmmm – (although she seems to be writing a little more lately) blog Love Is Aquatic.  This woman has o-pin-ions.  And she has the education, knowledge, life-experience and chutzpah to back them up.

Anyhow, she put me on her Liebster Blog list.  This gives me an opportunity to send some love right back at her and to also pass the love around to five more bloggers.  And really, to pass the love on to YOU.  Because I hope I am introducing YOU to some blogs you have never seen or haven’t checked out in awhile.

The Liebster Blog Award is for blogs that have less than 200 followers so that others can help spread the word about the blogs that they enjoy.

Now I am not exactly sure how to know how many followers any particular blog has.  Some have follower lists, some don’t.  In comparing notes with a friend, we found that her blog seems to get less comments than mine, but has about four times the regular readers. So, as per usual, I will play by the Liebster Rules while adjusting them to fit my whims and minimizing any amount of research I might have to do.
The rules for this simple award are:

1. Show your appreciation to the blogger who nominated you by linking back to their blog.

2. Nominate five other blogs (200 followers or less) by posting a comment on their blogs.

3. Post the award on your blog.

4. Check out what the other up-and-coming blogs have to offer.

So, here are my nominees:

What Now?  This blog is about a family who just completed the adoption of a 15-yr-old (now 18) who spent the vast majority of his life in the US foster care system.  I do not know this blogger in real life but I hope she is a novelist and screen-writer.  This amazing story needs to be experienced by the masses.

God Will Add This blog is written by my friend, the Captain.  If you want to learn a little about tempting fate (faith?) read about how she named her blog God Will Add when she was adopting one infant from Ethiopia.  She just arrived home this week (two years later) with that little boys’ older biological brother.  Yep – God Will Add – I keep telling her it is time to change the name of her blog.

Adopted.  Life Without A Geneology  This blog has only been in existence for a few weeks.  Its author is … drum roll please…. a teenage, trans-racially adopted girl born in Thailand and living in Canada.  And she is a good writer.  And she is funny.  And I am grateful for her real-time perspective.  Go there now.

Like The Love  This blog is new on my horizon and I am so happy to be following their story as they prepare to bring home siblings from Ethiopia.

The Ways Of A River  I have been following this blogger throughout my entire adoption journey and am proud to now call her a friend – even if we have never actually met.  Her blog has moved a few times and you may be happy when you go here and re-discover her beautiful style.  PLUS, her family’s adoption journey just took an emotional and exciting turn which I am sure she will write about in an inspiring fashion.

Picking five blogs to love is a challenge.  In addition to choosing blogs that I believe have a slightly smaller following tight-knit, group of dedicated readers, I also picked blogs that currently have an exciting narrative due to the course of something that is happening in the bloggers’ world.  There are lots of other great blogs I follow listed on my right side-bar and almost all of them could have made this list (except a few that are just too popular.)

PS  If you want to learn more about the Liebster Blog Award – well, good luck.  It doesn’t seem to have a clear origin – or homepage even.  But if you do Google it, you will uncover many, many, many small blogs that you haven’t seen before.  And they are not all adoption.

I think I could go down the Liebster Blog rabbit hole and be gone for many, many days (just found some inspiring looking vegan recipes.)

Very Surprised

16 02 2012

No, no one had a surprise party for me.  Actually, SAG tried that once about 17 years ago.  But I happened to have PMS on the day the party was planned.  Party didn’t happen.  I still feel guilty.  I think, for the most part, I am much better behaved these days.

What I am surprised about is that I have not received more entries for the Picture It On Canvas give-away.  It ends at midnight on Friday, February 17th (there is a good chance you are actually reading this on Friday, Feb. 17th.)

I am not as surprised that people didn’t mention the contest on their blogs of FaceBook.  And I do understand that not everybody loves Haiku as much as I.  But I am surprised that every single person didn’t at least just hit the Comment page and write, “Comment” or “Pick Me” of “If I don’t win you are not invited to sit with us at recess anymore.”

I mean, this is a $56 value if you win.  And even if you don’t, you get the 45% off coupon code.

So, now is the time – de-lurk.

I swear, I get nothing from this except the satisfaction of knowing how much I love mine and that you will love yours as well.

Oh, and if you happen to be friends with someone who is in, say, Ethiopia right now picking up her new son (I have at least TWO regular readers/friends currently in Addis – and I know some of you know them) enter for that special person.  I am happy to accept absentee entries on their behalf.

And, if you for some reason just randomly landed on this blog (perhaps you though you were at Pinterest and were looking for surprise party ideas) you can find the details of the contest here.