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October 21, 2011

Here is a link to a great list of books, but more importantly a way to think about and categorize books that deal with race and how to best use them.  Wow.

November 20, 2010

Updated January 9, 2011

Updated February 21, 2011

This is a list of kid’s books in which not all of the characters are white or animals wearing clothes (a significant pet peeve of mine).

This list is currently mostly focused on African/African American characters.  I will be broadening it.  Here is a link to an amazing list of books featuring Asian-American characters.

Since I am not the first to do this, or the most thorough, check out “Brown Like Me” Book Reviews.

My children are currently 21-months and 32-months old.  These books are all geared towards YOUNG toddlers/babies.

Some of these books we LOVE and if we really LOVE them, I post about them specifically  like here. Some we prefer the art but not the text, but the art is good enough for us to put them on the list.  Some we don’t love the art, but they make the cut for other reasons.

I welcome any and all suggestions of books you would add to this list.  Please check the comments section for people who have sent me their lists.

And I apologize for the formatting of this list, I have a love-hate relationship with wordpress.

TITLE                                                    AUTHOR

Black All Around                                       Patricia Hubbell

More, More, More Said the Baby         Vera Williams

Yesterday I Had the Blues                    Jeron Ashford Frame

Whose Knees Are These                      Jabari Asim

Whose Toes Are Those                        Jabari Asim

In The Yard                                          Meachan Rau

Please Baby Please                               Spike Lee

Please Puppy Please                             Spike Lee

Homemade Love                                  Bell Hooks

I Can Do It Too                                   Karen Baicker

You Can Do It Too                              Karen Baicker

Never Finished Never Done                 Regina Brooks

For You Are A Kenyan Child               Kelly Cunane

So Happy                                             Kevin Henkes

I Like Myself                                        Karen Beaumont

Good Morning                                      Moore/Moore

The Snowy Day                                    Ezra Jack Keats

Added January 9, 2011

Shades of People *                              S. Rotner and S. Kelly

Hair Dance                                             D. Johnson and K. Johnson

Squashed in the Middle                    Pat Cummings

Sleepy Oh So Sleepy                          Denise Fleming

Tic Tac Toe                                            Judith Bauer Stamper

Looking Like Me                                 W. D. Myers and C. Myers

Added February 21, 2011

Be Boy Buzz                                         Bell Hooks

Whoever You Are*                           Mem Fox

Mama Panya’s Pancakes                Mary and Rich Chamberlin

The Hello, Goodbye Window       Norton Juster

Say Hello                                              Rachel Isadora

Skin Again                                           Bell Hooks

Yo! Yes                                                 Chris Raschka

Families Are Different                    Nina Pellegrini  (Adoption)

Elsina’s Clouds                                   Jeanette Winter (South Africa)

Busy Fingers                                       C.W. Bowie

All of Me                                               Molly Bang

Motherbridge of Love                     Anonymous  (Adoption)

The Family Book                                Todd Parr

Wangari’s Trees of Peace                 Jeanette Winter (Kenya)

* The best of the best.


3 responses

8 01 2011

Hi Semi Feral, we have a lot of the same blog friends it seems! Back in 09 I wrote a post with our favorite books depicting people and heroes of color, with links to the books. Thought you might enjoy! This is on my old blog

my new spot is
great list, thanks for sharing.

28 09 2011

On my goodness… years later I can still recite “Whose Knees Are These” by memory! 😉

27 11 2011

As the future mom of two Ethiopian boys, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this list. Thanks for sharing!

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